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Torrens University in Australia

Torrens University in Australia

Torrens University is Australia's international University, dedicated to offering relevant and transformative education and research that addresses society's most pressing issues. Torrens Institution, Australia's first new school in more than two decades, delivers a career-focused and international viewpoint to higher education in Australia.

Torrens University, which has over 20,000 learners from 100 countries, has quickly become Australia's fastest-growing higher education institution and claims a genuine sector difference, with 91 per cent of our graduates starting their careers within a year of graduation.

Torrens University proudly offers high-quality undergrad degree, postgraduate, and advanced graduate schools in various instructional disciplines at locations in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland-Wellington, China- Asia, and online in various academic areas.

Torrens University's goal is to "promote the power of citizens to interconnect the world for good," and its values are to "begin and end with people, to be kind, to be creative, to be daring, and to be international." The University's vision and principles are the foundation for all work performed in our schools.

Campus Sites:

Torrens University will have campuses in four Australian cities, one in New Zealand and one in China.

There are approximately 20,000 registered pupils.

This was the country's first campus, with its first campus opening in the lineage of Torrens Buildings on Victoria Square in the CBD in 2013. The University created a new campus just down the road at the old Menz Crackers company on Wakefield Road on August 3, 2015, and Torrens Building is no longer listed as a campus as of 2019.
The Fortitude Valley Campuses, which are adjacent to the CBD and within proximity of the Fortitude Valley rail station; the Torrens Learning Resource Centre on Bowen Terrace; and the Gotha Street location, are all located in Brisbane.
The Practicing Wellness Centre in Fitzroy and the campus on Melbourne's Flinders Avenue are both located in Melbourne.
The Blue Mountains and Sydney.
In the Sydney area, there are six campuses, five of which are located in the city centre. The Ultimo location and Kent Avenue (which houses the Torrens University English Center), and the Blue Mountains site on the outskirts of Sydney are among these campuses. The Blue Mountains College is situated in Leura, a neighbourhood near Katoomba. Torrens University's Functional Learning Centre is located on campus, and it is a simulated hotel atmosphere where students can learn hotel management as a part of their professional growth.
Auckland is a city in New Zealand.
Auckland is a New Zealand city. In Auckland's Wynyard Quarter, the Media Design University is situated at 10 Madden Street.
Suzhou (China)
This institution, located near Shanghai, gives guidance in service and food, front desk management, guest relations, and housekeeping.

Subjects taught at Torrens University:

  • design.
  • motion graphics
  • Game Mechanics
  • Fashion Designing
  • Graphics
  • Communications Development
  • Home Decor
  • Photography
  • TV films and TV
  • UX and Web Design
  • Healthcare
  • Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • technology

These are just a few fields in which you might pursue a career.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.
Research-based higher education.

Torrens University: All Those Little Details

Now we'll reveal some fascinating facts about this illustrious institution. We are confident you will attend Torrens if you intend to study here. It would be a source of pride for you if you were already enrolled here.

These are the following:

  • Torres Institute [Torres] is part of Laureate Global Universities, which boasts the world's largest educational network.
  • The campuses are located in four stunning Australian cities: Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
  • The admissions process is reasonably tricky here. Students must pass an entrance exam, the TOEFL, IELTS, and their past examination records. Isn't it true that if you have a chance to be here, it's because you're the greatest of the rest?

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