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The Griffith University

The Griffith Universityss

Griffith Institution is a public college in Queensland, along Australia's east coast. Griffith University was created in 1971 and officially opened in 1975, offering Australia's premier majors in earth studies and Asian culture and language studies.

The institution is named after His Honour Samuel Walker Griffith, the first Supreme Court of the Federal Court and three-time Premier of Queensland. Sir Samuel Griffith was a key figure in Australia's Federation and the lead researcher of Australia's constitution.

Every year, over 50K+ students have enrolled in this university for undergrad, doctorate, and research degrees in various specialisations. The institution offers courses in politics and business, criminality and law, the environment, architecture and design, philosophy, arts, linguistics, healthcare, and a variety of other subjects. Griffith University is well-known for its lush green campuses throughout Queensland, Australia. The Nathan campus was the university's first campus, with just 450 students at the time, but as time passed, the university flourished and opened campuses across Australia. Presently, the university has six centres distributed over three locations. Let's have a look at those distinctive campuses:

On-campus on the Gold Coast

Its Gold Coast campus is in Southport, a Gold Coast suburb. This campus, located in wild bushland on the grounds of both the Aboriginal Yugambe and Kombumerri peoples, is home to approximately 18,210 learners from all across Australia and around the world. It is the largest campus of Griffith University.

With the inauguration of the $150 million Griffith Healthcare Center and the adjoining Gold Coast Teaching Hospital in 2013, and the $38 million Griffith School of Business building in 2014, the campus has undergone explosive growth in recent years.

Logan Institute:

Logan is the community-focused campus of Griffith University. The campus houses around 2,500 undergraduates and offers courses in human welfare and community care, licenced practical nurses and midwives, business and commerce, schooling, and information technology. The school maintains close ties with the surrounding area, holding a variety of sporting and cultural activities year-round.

Campus Nathan

Nathan, Griffith's founding campus, is located in peaceful, original woodland on the outskirts of Toohey Forest, just under 10 kilometres from Brisbane's CBD. Nathan has around 13,000 undergraduates and provides courses in government and business, engineering and technical services, the environment, humanism and linguistics, legislation, science, and aerospace.

Roger Kirk Johnson, the campus's original architect, planned the buildings to fit into the environment by trying to follow the gradient of the ground and using architectural cooling techniques.

Mount Gravatt Institution's campus

4400 students attend the Mount Gravatt school, which is close to the Nathan campus. It serves as the school's political science and humanities centre and the foundation for research into critical societal concerns such as schooling and prevention programs. The campus is located on the outskirts of Toohey Forest. A freshly upgraded swimming and fitness centre with a heated swimming pool, interior and exterior amusement facilities, a 16-court court facility, a practise circle, and hoop and volleyball courts are located on campus. There is also on-campus student housing.

Robin Gibson planned the library, which received the first national prize for library design. The form products of pedestrian pathways link building clusters, sports facilities, bushland reserves, and recreation places.
The Dunn Memorial, located on the campus's northern boundary, is a suitable homage. The site features two housing colleges for learners and a variety of athletic amenities.

Southbank University

Griffith University's SouthBank campus is located in Brisbane's social sector and serves as the school's creative hub. Griffith's Queensland School of Art and Queensland Percussion Ensemble, as well as Griffith College and Griffith Graduate Centre, are all part of it. By 2020, enrollment in all four members is expected to exceed 3400 students.

Campus on the internet

Griffith University's Digital Campus, which opened in 2018, provides over 100 online degrees. The Digital School is Griffith's 3rd largest and fastest expanding school, with nearly 20,000 students. Griffith University also provides online degrees in collaboration with Open Schools in Australia and free online programs through Future-Learn.
Griffith University's scope is fairly broad, and each campus is distinct and unique due to its natural environment amidst the metropolitan atmosphere. The university's two largest campuses are at Gold Coast, near Southport, and Nathan, in Brisbane. Most of the sites are in Brisbane, such as the South Bank and Mount Gravatt campuses, while the Logan site is in Meadowbrook.

Griffith's most recent offering is Virtual Campus, which was created specifically for online degrees. Griffith University offers an MBA, which would be the leading MBA programme in Australia. Griffith has also received seven awards for educational effectiveness since 2009, and four Enhance Learning awards.

Griffith University alumni can be found in a variety of nations across the world. The university's 40-year history has had around 200,000 alumni in 130 countries. All of these individuals are Griffith grads and postgraduates with various specialisations. Some well-known alumni include Greg Clark, CEO at Symantec, and Peter Montheath, a well-known historian at Flinders University. Alex Deane is a legal analyst; Andrew Lofthouse is a 9 News Network Queensland founder, and Karen Tso is a well-known TV journalist and CNBC Europe, Anchor.

Griffith is also a young institution, ranking 33rd in the College Rankings List of top Under 50 in 2021 and 30th in the Top 100 Under 50 in 2020.

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