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Proofreading and Editing Help

Any professional writing requires Proofreading and editing before making the final submission. A proofreader checks the common mistakes done by the writer, including spelling mistakes, missed or incorrect punctuation marks, written or mathematical inconsistencies, and similar others. On the other hand, editing helps correct the core issues like the clarity of language and sentence construction. Thus, detailed editing is required to improve the entire text's clarity, readability, and tone. So, Proofreading and editing are two separate concepts of a particular document. For this, professional assistance is required, which is provided by My Academics Help.

What does Editing & Proofreading include?

After writing a draft of any document, people usually seek the assistance of an expert proofreader or editor. Several online proofreading and editing service providers are available who provide a detailed and professional analysis of the document. But, to keep your work authentic and correct, the editor should be aware of your work and subject. So, an editing expert knowing your genre is essential to proofread and edit your work. My Academics Help has subject matter experts for each subject. Thus, Proofreading and editing of a particular subject become convenient for us.

Difference between Editing & Proofreading

1 Editing is performed right from the first draft till the last draft of the document. Whereas Proofreading is done on the final draft of the document only.

2 Editing helps address the core features of writing, whereas Proofreading addresses the surface-level issues.

3 The definition of editing varies as per the scope of editing, whereas Proofreading has a universally accepted and reliable definition.

4 Editing helps in enhancing the language by making some relevant changes in the text for more readability and clarity. It makes the narration smoother. On the other hand, Proofreading helps remove the common mistakes of grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, and others.

5 Editing includes word reduction, if there is any requirement, as the writer sometimes gets into the flow of writing and writes down more than the required limit. In contrast, Proofreading does not do so.

6 Editing helps in improving the overall quality of the work. On the other hand, Proofreading is a concept that makes a good writing piece error-free.

7 Editing works in collaboration with the author, and Proofreading does not require any such collab.

8 Editing task requires a longer turn-around time in comparison to Proofreading.

The experts of My Academics Help do all these tasks mentioned above, and thus, the students do not need to fear any error in their work. With our services, students will submit their papers or documents confidently. Therefore, no chance of any grade deduction based on grammar errors.

When to Choose Professional Proofreading and Editing Services?

There are different scenarios for both aspects. The difference has been stated above, and the need for both the services are stated below:

When to choose a proofreading service?

If you are confident about your work and know that there is no language and structure issue, you can go for only proofreading services. It will only check your grammatical errors, including typographical errors, misspellings, and punctuation. When your document has been edited already and just needs a final check before the submission, you can opt for proofreading services from My Academics Help.

When to choose an editing service?

If your document needs thorough revisions and lacks flow, clarity, and readability, then opt for editing services. If you want to refine your writing to make it more transparent and more precise, then editing services from My Academics Help is just for you.

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