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It is not clear what constitutes an essay. It can describe the form of any kind of written work but usually refers to a short piece of writing, such as a letter, a pamphlet, or a short story, although any kind of writing could be called an essay.

One of the main differences between an essay and other forms of writing is the requirement of the author to be authoritative. While the author can state their opinion, they also need to demonstrate that it is based on a certain set of facts or that it represents a point of view that can be argued from many perspectives.

Structure of an Essay

Writing an essay that is academic in nature means which, in a way, is consistent with developing the arguments for the essay. The primary goal is to be consistent and to have a logical progression. The author uses an argument of a series of paragraphs to support the claim, "Anecdotal evidence helps to create a coherent set of ideas."

It is also an imposition on the readers who expect a linear narrative and who are unlikely to be moved by a random collection of ideas. However, one of the great pleasures of using the essay form is that while the writer is ordered by the structure, the reader is not.

Answers the questions of the reader's mind

Your essay provides a context for your thesis, including information on

  • why and how you know what you know and
  • how and why your findings are valid.
  • What: What evidence shows that the phenomenon described by your thesis is true?

To answer the question, you must examine your evidence. Many readers will have an opinion on the matter and may ask you to defend it or critique it. If you cannot defend your conclusions, you can at least point out their weaknesses. This demonstrates the truth of your claim.

These sections are also important in helping readers know and understand what you are saying.

Map Your Essay

Essay maps are generally used to make a recommendation or to suggest a policy position. The easiest way you can grab the reader's attention is to map your essay in a way that you place the arguments in the right and convincing way as it unfolds. Map your essay in the following way:

  • Try to state your thesis in one or two sentences, and then write why it is important to claim that you are trying to make. Make sure that the reader learns while exploring the claim with you.
  • The next sentence should begin like:' to be convinced by my claim, the first thing a reader needs to know is….' This sentence will answer the question in the reader's mind.
  • Each sentence should begin like:' the next thing that I would like that my readers know is…' then say why and name a piece of evidence.

The map should lead the reader to the answer to the question. As the map moves through each section, you should introduce a new question and provide a solution to that question.

Trouble Signs Alert

Walk-throughs may contain a section on the introduction, an outline, and a conclusion but most commonly fail to develop their argument and to follow their structure. There are many reasons why walk-throughs are common. In part, this may be due to the way that they are used in the classroom and the way that they are written by student writers.

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