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Article Critique Assignment Help in Melbourne

In academic writing, an article critique is a genre that offers a critical evaluation via an intensive analysis of a particular article. The analysis includes a brief summary of the article along with its strengths and weaknesses. By reading a critique, the audience gets a fair idea about the key pointers of the article along with the exact intentions and ideas of the author. Thus, an article critique is highly important for evaluating a piece of writing.

What is an Article Critique?

An article critique is written in a formal language by following a structured format. The format includes an introduction, different body paragraphs, and a suitable conclusion to the end the critique with. However, the general pattern is quite similar still some of the formatting styles have some specific guidelines to be followed while writing a critique. So, it is very important to study about the critique properly and it is also important to be sure about the requirements of each formatting style. Apart from this, a writer should have complete knowledge about the topic he is going to analyse. So, students who are pursuing the course of article critique writing need to submit the assignments. Get Article Critique Assignment Help from the professionals of My Academics Help.

What are the Major Purposes of Writing an Article Critique?

The major idea behind writing an article critique is to provide a glimpse of what writer has wanted to say. So, the purpose behind critique writing is:

  • Describing the main ideas of the author what he or she wants to express
  • Interpreting the intention of the author
  • Summarizing and evaluating the exact value of the article stating your agreement or disagreement with the thoughts of the author along with proper supporting evidence
  • Analysing each essential and interesting point
  • Developing a detailed explanation of the article

What are the Steps Involved in Article Critique Writing?

  • At first, read the article to understand the main idea of it. If you are unsure about the idea at first reading then read it again.
  • Once you are sure about the idea of the article, make notes of the major points.
  • If you find any paragraph or sentence that can be used as evidence in support of your discussion then quote them.
  • Analyse and discuss about the important points in the critique while giving your own comments and opinions.
  • Summarize the article critique and provide a conclusion discussing about whether you have liked the article or not.
  • Support all your ideas with the evidence found.

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Tips to Write Article Critique

An article critique does not only provide critical or negative feedback of any work rather it offers a detailed analysis along with writer’s own opinion whether he liked it or not. A good critical writing includes both positive praise and negative criticism regarding a piece of work. In such a case, make use of direct quotes from the author’s work. Also, write the critique in third person always.

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