What is the use of SPSS Software

SPSS or Statistical Package for the Social Sciences is a type of survey tool that is widely used for conducting in-depth statistical analysis. This is a very helpful tool for the researchers as it offers the best and accurate solution. This tool is used by many researchers for conducting intricate statistical data analysis. So, in short, it is a software developed for the management that is used for carrying out the statistical analysis of the social science data. 

Launched in the year 1968 by SPSS Inc., this software was taken over by IBM in 2009.However, it is now known as IBM SPSS Statistics tool but many people still refer to it as SPSS. It is known for itscommand language(English) and its excellent user manual. 

Where this Software Is used?

SPSS tool is used in various organizations by government entities, education researchers, market researchers, data miners, health researchers, marketing organizations, survey companies, and various others. It is used for processing and analysing survey data collected from an online survey platform. Some of the top research agencies make use of SPSS for analyzing survey data and mining the text data to get maximum out of the research and survey projects. 

What is the Major Function of SPSS?

This software offers four different types of programs that helps in assisting researchers with complex data analysis requirements. Other functions include:

  • Diverse basic statistical functions including bivariate statistics, cross-tabulation, and frequencies.
  • Software’s Modeler program that helps researchers in building and validating predictive models
  • Advanced statistical procedures for surveys and analysis
  • Survey administrators can make use of text analytics to discover the insights from responses
  • Visualization designer program aids in creating density charts and radial boxplots for the researchers
  • Solutions for data management that further helps in creating derived data, case selection, and performing file reshaping
  • Data documentation that helps in storing metadata dictionary
  • SPSS is leveraged in descriptive statistics, bivariate statistics, linear regression, and others.
  • Used for predicting identifying groups such as cluster analysis and factor analysis

Advantages of Using SPSS

SPSS is a very powerful tool that manipulates and decipher survey data and aids researchers by analysing the entire statistical data. It conducts detailed analysis using the data collected from different online surveys. It stores the data in .SAV format that simplifies the extracting, manipulating, and analysing process of the data. With the help of this format, SPSS sets up and imports the variable types, names, labels, titles, and much more. This helps in making the procedure convenient in usage for the researchers. Once the data is transferred to SPSS software, there are endless statistical analysis opportunities available to the researchers. 

Whenever you require a flexible and customizable way of extracting data, use SPSS. This offers maximum time in analyzing the data while offering the accurate results. Also, it helps in recognizing trends, evolving predictive models, and drawing informed conclusions. To get SPSS Assignment Help and SQL Assignment Help, always trust My Academics Help. We have the best mentors, who resolve your queries and provide perfect assignment solution.

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