What is Market Analysis and Market Forces

What is Market Analysis and Market Forces?

How Do You Analyze a Market?

The study that deals with analyzing the market are known as market analysis. The market analysis is the study that includes both qualitative and qualitative valuation as it deals with the value and volume for the size of the market and searches for other factors like the competition with other brands, economic environment of the market, concerns issues relating to the barrier in entry and regulations, buying patterns of different customers. This kind of analysis helps to identify the weakness of the market, threats, opportunities, and strengths of the market. It also carries out the relationship between the supply and demand for a product or service.

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Understanding of the Term Market Forces

Market forces are a topic which is taught under the subject of economics in the Universities and academic sessions of Australia. Understanding this topic is quite a difficult task as it includes the complex structure of demand and supply of the economy. It covers demand, supply, equilibrium, production, market type, etc.

The forces which come under the category of market forces are:

  • Income of the consumer’s
  • Tastes
  • Substitutes, etc.

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Major Market Forces

There are four market forces which are as follows:

  1. The international effect market force.
  2. The participants affect market forces.
  3. The supply and demand market forces.
  4. The Bottom line market force.

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