Meaning of Industrial Relations and Intercultural Studies

Meaning of Industrial Relations and Intercultural Studies

Industrial relations can also be referred to as employee relations. The term itself defines the relationship between workers and employers. Employers are responsible for management and workers are responsible for unions. Along with these two parties, there is also a third party, the government, investors, and shareholders whose presence is very active in this relationship.

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Approaches for Industrial Relations

Political, psychological, socio-economics are some factors that result in industrial conflicts. There are a few approaches that can be adopted by employers and workers to implement industrial relations. The use of these approaches is that they help in excluding the industrial conflict in industrial relations. The different approaches are as follows:

  • Psychological approach
  • Human relation approach
  • Positive industrial relationship

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What are Intercultural Studies? 

In this century, it is very well evident that today’s fast world is dynamic and does not come under the category of being static. Globalization, soaring urbanization, and sky-rocketing migration are the reasons why Intercultural Studies are an important part of studies in colleges and universities. 

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Topics for Intercultural studies

In colleges and universities, students are given numerous assignments to write regarding the topics of intercultural studies. The topics that are given to students for the Intercultural studies assignment is an eye-opener as it allows you to identify the extensive process of cross-cultural communication. Keeping this idea in mind, the professors at My Academy Helps are well qualified from different recognized universities in Australia to pen down your assignments related to Intercultural studies assignments. The list of some topics which are important for Intercultural studies are as follows:

  1. Different natures of people in different cultures.
  2. Religion and language are important parts of culture.
  3. Field internship opportunities.
  4. Analyzing the global realities.
  5. The idea of grace.
  6. Issues relating to the international and intercultural ministry.
  7. Cross-cultural transition.
  8. Concepts that are included in the scientific study of language.

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